2 Bedroom Fully Furnished

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                                        2 Bedroom Fully Furnished

 2 Bedroom Fully Furnished Fully furnished 2-bedroom apartment for rent in Talap Kannur, with well water and 500 meters from Kozily Hospital. 10 minutes away from Kannur Railway.

RS 20000     BEADROOM2        BATHROOM 2    KANNUR TALAP     PHONE +9195264888851

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beautiful 2bhk apartment

beautiful 2bhk apartment new furnisshed apartment melechoova just 100 meter to melechoova well water and phd 


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 best 3bhk in rent thavakkara Stylish 3-bed furnished flat for rent, 500m from Thavakkara Kannur bus stand. Modern, spacious and cozy. Conveniently located near transportation, restaurants and shopping. See it now!

RS 30000        BEADROOM3         BATHROOM3        THAVKKARA      +919526488851

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the fresh 2beadroom

the fresh 2beadroom We have a great apartment for rent with two bedrooms. It’s near Talap Kozhikode Hospital, and only a short distance from Kozhikode bus stand, which is great for people who travel a lot. The water system in the apartment is very good, and the water is safe to drink. The apartment is modern and comfortable, and we think you’ll really like it.

RS 14000    BEADROOM 2    BATHROOM2     TALAP KANNUR  PHONE +919526488851

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